All of our products and those from our performance partners can be installed directly by us at our HQ in Daventry, Northamptonshire.


We’re all petrolheads wanting one thing; build crazy cars that perform well and give you the most smiles per mile. With over 30 staff in-house accross 3 buildings in Daventry, UK, we have the best industry knowledge and expertise at our fingertips to answer all of your questions.

    What can we help you with?


    01327 308188


    To book in at the Revo Performance Centre just give us a call on 01327 308188 or email us at

    If you have paid online for fitment, once your transaction is complete a member of our team will call you back to book in your vehicle.

    Our Revo technicians will inspect various elements of your vehicle, ranging from bodywork to the condition of your tyres and brakes, if the vehicle is in for Revo Software our team will road test and log the car to ensure that everything is ok with the vehicle before flashing Revo Software

    Our health checks are documented, and a report will be given to you. If required and time allows, we can remedy any serious or minor faults whilst your car is here or arrange to have you back at the earliest opportunity. However you’re under no obligation to have the work completed with us.

    If your car does not pass our health check this could mean that we are unable to complete booked in work.

    For example if a car is due for software and has major faults we wont be able to take the car out to do any data logging and we wont install any software without doing this.

    At this point we can quote you for repairs to the vehicle or we can rescedule your fitment / installation should you decide to fix these faults elsewhere, you’re under no obligation to have the work completed with us. 

    Yes, for our hardware and performance packs there will be a drop down option to have these fitted at the Revo Performance Centre.

    For any Software purchases the installation is already included in the price.

    In the case you pay for fitment online but your car does not pass our health check we will have to reschedule your installation ensuring the car is ready

    In the case of unforeseen circumstances, broken studs, bolts, missing parts etc additional costs may be applied, these will be discussed with you in full and we will only proceed with your full consent. 

    The full software range can be found at our sister site If you would like to get Revo software installed here at the Revo Performance Centre please give us a call on 01327 308188 or email us at